Facebook is under UK antitrust investigation
Facebook is under UK antitrust investigation

According to the UK Financial Times report, antitrust investigations into large tech companies continue as the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) prepares to investigate Facebook in the coming months.

The upcoming investigation is the latest campaign against the domination of major tech companies after similar investigations were launched into Google and Apple earlier this year.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has conducted an in-depth study of how Facebook is using customer data to destroy its competitors on social media and online advertising.

The investigation came weeks after the CMA announced an investigation into Apple's app store fees and Google's new privacy settings. This is the latest blow to the power of the big tech companies that have become a global regulator this year.

UK antitrust investigators are expected to cover issues similar to the Brussels investigation of a social media company focused on its open market platform.

The European Commission is investigating allegations that Facebook has used the service to distort the market for classified ads.

The UK survey is also looking at the market and is likely to examine Facebook's position on its ability to collect data from users in order to improve its competitive advantage over its competitors.

Regulators have similar concerns about potential market abuse by Amazon. Amazon owns its platform and sells its products.

The AMC survey is based on the Digital Advertising Report, which highlights the features Facebook uses in areas such as online advertising and social media.

The time for the official announcement of the investigation may change, but legal experts say Facebook has avoided strict controls in the UK, so regulators are keen for further investigation.

The new investigation comes as the UK regulator prepares to take on new powers to engage with large technology companies through a new digital market division established with the UK Competition Authority and the CMA market.

Facebook has also come under heavy criticism in the USA. The Federal Trade Commission sued Facebook in December for anti-competitive behavior.

The court said it may seek an injunction that could compel Facebook to withdraw its previous acquisition.

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