Fitbit adds Tile tracking feature to its Inspire 2
Fitbit adds Tile tracking feature to its Inspire 2

The two companies announced on Monday that the new partnership will now allow Inspire 2 wearable users to find the device via Tile Tracking. So Fitbit Tile works together to make sure you can always find a Fitbit Inspire 2.

Starting this week, use Tile's Bluetooth search technology to find the Inspire 2.

The collaboration marks Tile's entry into the wearable market and provides new and former Inspire 2 users the opportunity to use Tile's search functionality for free.

Existing Inspire 2 users will need a firmware update through the Fitbit app to add the Tile functionality. They will then be required to download the Tile app to activate the search tool or use Global Tile Network Congestion to try to find them.

All new Inspire 2 devices can also activate tile detection technology.

Device users can also subscribe to Tile Premium to receive smart alerts and other premium content for $ 2.99 a month or $ 29.99 a year.

Tile partners include headphone manufacturers such as Bose, Skullcandy, and Sennheiser. However, this cooperation is the first collaboration between Tile and the clothing company.

Tile works with more than 20 partners to leverage its research technologies in the audio, travel, smart home, and computer categories.

As more companies develop products that compete with Tile, more and more people are pursuing the missing items.

Samsung released the Galaxy SmartTag earlier this year, and Apple is expected to release the AirTag as well.

Fitbit Charge 4 devices received an update that added SpO2 tracking, skin temperature tracking, and Fitbit Health Meter dashboard.

Tile said, “Fitbit allows people to lead a healthier and more active life and we hope we can help by making sure you never lose your activity tracker.”

We are adding more practical and practical tools to Inspire 2 with Tile technology, Fitbit said, and we like to work with Tile so users can focus on developing healthy habits without worrying about finding their own devices. It has the ability to transfer tile technology to more Fitbit devices in the future.

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