Hackers steal NFT from Nifty Gateway users
Hackers steal NFT from Nifty Gateway users

Some users who called Nifty Gateway into the NFT digital art market have reported that hackers have stolen thousands of dollars in digital business from their accounts.

The registered credit card is also used to purchase other NFTs, which also cost thousands of dollars, and then be transferred to the hacker's account.

Nifty Gateway, a marketplace where users can buy, sell and view digital products, confirmed in a statement that some accounts without two-factor authentication had been compromised and contacted those affected, but there was no evidence of its platform. To destroy.

Nifty Giveaway indicated that the hackers may have succeeded in reusing credentials from other services.

"We have no evidence that the Nifty Gateway platform has been compromised, and our team is in contact with a small number of users who appear to have been affected by the account tracking," the statement said.

The statement added: Our initial assessment shows that the impact is limited, two-factor authentication has not been enabled for any of the affected accounts, and access is made through correct account details.

In the past few weeks, many irreplaceable idols have suddenly become valuable commodities. Greimes sold a series of 10 digital artworks for nearly $ 6 million, and digital artist Beeple (At Christie's) for $ 69 million.

So it is not surprising that the NFT platform has become a target for hackers who want to steal digital business or use credit card information to buy more products.

To avoid future breaches, Nifty Gateway recommends enabling two-factor authentication.

Read explanation: We recommend that users enable two-factor authentication, which we provide at a platform level, and never reuse passwords. We have seen some reports that non-exchangeable tokens obtained from these accounts are made through Discord or Twitter, We All, and Nifty Gateway and we strongly advise Nifty Gateway customers to purchase non-exchangeable tokens from the official Nifty Gateway Marketplace.

Due to the blockchain-based nature of NFT, Nifty Giveaway will no longer control NFT after theft. Therefore, it is unlikely that affected users will be able to recover the lost group.

Although hackers have searched for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the past, NFT is unique in that it cannot be traded by any other NFT like Bitcoin because the elements they represent are unique.

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