Humble One .. an electric SUV with a solar roof
Humble One .. an electric SUV with a solar roof

Humble, a California-based electric vehicle start-up, has launched the Humble One, a concept SUV with an impressive sunroof.

California is fighting for an innovation niche in transportation and is home to some well-known electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla, Lucid, Fisker and Faraday Future.

However, Hempel entered the competition and brought an all-electric SUV. According to the company, the Humble One is the world's first solar powered SUV.

The humble home doesn't have a glass roof, but it has more than 80 square feet of photovoltaics that can capture sunlight and convert it into energy, and can generate enough electricity to extend the driving distance around 60 miles per day.

The Humble One is 198 inches long, slightly longer than a Toyota Corolla but shorter than the Tesla Cybertruck, weighing 1,815 kg and 680 kg lighter.

The Humble One is designed to be as light as possible and can accommodate four people at the same time.

According to Alex Bogicevic, Director of Engineering at Humble and former CEO of Ford, this car has fans and the original order exceeds $ 20 million.

In the past month, reservations in the US are up 426%, while total electric vehicle sales in the US are up by only 12%.

The humble team consists of physicists, engineers and designers from automakers such as Ferrari, Piaggio, Formula 1 and Ford.

"We believe solar energy is the future of travel and that solar electric vehicles are the obvious next step in solving the carbon neutrality problem in the transportation ecosystem," said Dima Stacey, the company’s founder.

Stacey mentioned that the company focuses on developing, manufacturing and selling solar electric cars, not to mention motors and batteries.

The original order is still available, but you must be prepared to pay at least $ 109,000 and you will have to wait until early 2024 to collect your vehicle.

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