imoo Ear-care..Designed for kids
imoo Ear-care..Designed for kids

Backgammon Electronics is very popular due to the OPPO, Vivo and OnePlus brands. However, the company does have a lesser known brand called imoo.

The imoo brand of BBK has been producing smart wearable devices for children since 2012.

imoo Ear-Care is the newest member of its line, an open ear headphone that transmits sound to the area around the ear.

It helps children to stay aware of their surroundings while listening to traffic and music.

Imoo headphones have two 16.2mm tweeters with infrared sensors that automatically interrupt the music when the headphones are removed.

According to WHO recommendations, the sound level can reach 85dB, providing a safe listening experience for children's ears while protecting children's eardrums from early hearing damage.

The body is also made of lightweight, hypoallergenic plastic that is suitable for children.

Due to its low weight of 30g, children feel comfortable and the helmet features IP54 water and dust resistance.

It is connected via Bluetooth and supports the standard Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to ensure seamless communication with other Bluetooth devices within the specified range of 10 meters.

A single charge can be used continuously for 8 hours and a quick full charge takes 1 hour.

It also has high-quality sound generating structure, which can provide a purer listening experience for children. The structure is flexible in design, suitable for head size of children of different ages, and it is not easy to fall off.

The imoo Ear-Care from Aurora Green is available for $ 59 and can be purchased from the company website.

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