Includes Firefox Smart Block browser for private browsing
Includes Firefox Smart Block browser for private browsing

Mozilla has released version 87 of Firefox. After the February update, the new version contains two important features: Smart Block and Improved HTTP Referral Headers.

SmartBlock is a new smart tracking blocking mechanism for private browsing and strict tracking protection mode. This mechanism provides Firefox with strong privacy protection and a great browsing experience.

Mozilla believes that privacy is a fundamental right and that everyone should protect their privacy while browsing the Internet.

Since 2015, Firefox has had a content blocking feature that can be used in private browsing windows and uses strict tracking protection mode which is part of providing strong privacy options.

This feature automatically prevents cross-site tracking companies from downloading scripts, images, and other third-party content.

By blocking these tracking components, Firefox's Incognito window prevents you from seeing yourself while surfing the Internet.

According to Mozilla, if you set a policy that completely blocks trackers, you inevitably risk blocking the necessary components for some websites to function properly.

This can prevent images from being displayed, malfunction, poor performance, or even failure to load the entire page.

To reduce these issues, Firefox version 87 introduced a new data protection feature called SmartBlock.

This feature can fix web pages that have been interrupted due to browser protections without compromising user privacy.

SmartBlock provides local backups for blocked third-party tracking scripts, so these backup scripts work like the original scripts to ensure the normal operation of the website.

This allows corrupted sites based on the original script to load their functionality correctly.

For added security, the third-party content is not downloaded from the tracker, so it cannot be tracked. Mozilla has also confirmed that these backup features do not contain any code that supports tracking.

The new Firefox update also adds a stricter standard citation policy and protects privacy.

The browser now truncates the path and query string information in the reference header to prevent the site from inadvertently revealing sensitive user data.

The browser sends the full URL of the reference document in the HTTP reference header for each search or subsource request. This information can be used for a variety of purposes including analysis, logging, or improved temporary storage.

Typically, the HTTP referral address contains the user's private information and even the user account information for the entire website.

This update sets the default referral policy to reduce sensitive user information that can be accessed in a URL.

The new update also improves the Highlight All feature in Find on Page, which displays a banner next to a scroll bar that corresponds to its position on the page.

The built-in screen reader in macOS (VoiceOver) is also fully supported, and other minor improvements have been made to the user interface, including security and general improvements.

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