Kia shows the first photo of an EV6 electric vehicle
Kia shows the first photo of an EV6 electric vehicle

Kia launched the world's first indoor and outdoor EV6 photography vehicle in March.

The EV6 is the first electric vehicle to be powered by BEV batteries. It will be manufactured via the company's new electric vehicle platform, which is shared with parent Hyundai, known as the Global Electrical System Standard (E-GMP).

The upcoming electric vehicle is based on the brand's new design concept, contrasts, inspired by the contrast between nature and humanity.

At the heart of the design concept is a new visual that evokes positive strength and natural energy. The distinct pattern elements create a strong contrast to the sculptural form.

The EV6 feature is inspired by a mix of sedans and crossovers. It is the first electric vehicle from Kia to be affected by the new design concept, reflecting Kia's renewed interest in electricity.

“The EV6 demonstrates advanced, human-centered performance and design,” said Karim Habib, Senior Vice President and Director of Kia's Global Design Center.

“We strongly believe the EV6 is a compelling model for the emerging electric vehicle market. With this model, we aim to create unique and impactful designs by combining a large number of advanced technologies and advanced technologies while creating a unique space for future electric vehicles.

The concept rests on five main pillars of the design: boldness, rational joy, progressive strength, technology of life, and calm tension.

The exterior design of the vehicle reflects the power of continuous improvement. The EV6 is an evolution of the brand's design strength as well as crystallizing the skills and experience gained in Kia's design remodeling.

The unique front row daytime running lights look stylish and modern and are part of the car's digital tiger face. The evolution of this design is reminiscent of the Kia Tiger Nose grille spirit of the Kia electric vehicle era.

The headlamp design also includes a dynamic sequential lighting mode, and the reduced air intake visually widens the front of the vehicle and underlines its high-tech appearance.

Air flows across the flat floor of the vehicle and circulates underneath it for optimum aerodynamic properties, helping to improve airflow from the front.

Based on the architecture of the current model, the Kia E-GMP platform offers more space than the previous Kia EV.

The EV6's interior demonstrates innovative use of space and creates a unique space and driving experience.

Among the most striking elements of the new interior are the HD curved audiovisual screen and the AVN Navigation screen, which creates a feeling of openness.

The screen extends from the steering wheel to the center of the vehicle and displays the driver's dashboard, infotainment and navigation systems over the center console.

The display provides an immersive driving experience, while the less physical buttons provide an organized and comfortable driving experience.


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