Mail hacked of more than 30,000 organizations due to Microsoft
Mail hacked of more than 30,000 organizations due to Microsoft

A few days ago, Microsoft's Emergency Security Patch fixed a Microsoft Exchange Server email security vulnerability and the hacker community did not close the user.

Four security vulnerabilities have been discovered in Microsoft Exchange Server that have resulted in the detection of e-mail messages from more than 30,000 US government and business organizations.

The Hafnium Group, an organization funded by the Chinese government, has stepped up its advertisements after the patch was released and completed its promotional activities.

In the United States, the organization has infiltrated at least 30,000 organizations that use Microsoft Exchange Server email, including police stations, hospitals, local governments, banks, nonprofits, and service providers.

Although hundreds of thousands of victims have been reported worldwide, everyone who was running locally hosted Outlook Web Access without patches was attacked.

"Thousands of servers are being hacked around the world every hour," said a former national security official.

When Microsoft announced the update, security company Volexity praised the hafnium activities.

Stephen Adair, president of Volexity, said that even organizations that patch servers on the day the security update was released can still be hacked.

Additionally, the patch only fixes vulnerabilities in Exchange Server, and an attacker must always remove the back door that the organization has applied to their system.

f Use these bugs to implant a malicious web-like interface on the victim's server and give them administrative privileges that can be used to steal information.

A Volexity official and other security experts fear intruders could install more rear doors as victims clean out existing back doors.

Microsoft has made it clear that these vulnerabilities were not related to SolarWinds from the start. In terms of casualty numbers, hafnium activities could render SolarWinds attacks invisible.

Authorities estimate that the SolarWinds vulnerability affects nearly 18,000 companies because that's the number of customers who have downloaded malware updates.

Hafnium's business is focused on small and medium-sized companies as SolarWinds hackers have infiltrated US tech giants and government agencies.

Microsoft said it is working closely with the US Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security and other government agencies and security companies to provide customers with more investigations and mitigation advice.

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