Microsoft is testing the Edge browser on Xbox
Microsoft is testing the Edge browser on Xbox

Microsoft has begun public testing of the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser on Xbox.

Xbox Alpha testers can now access the new Microsoft Edge browser on Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X or Xbox One platforms.

Although there is no full mouse and keyboard support, the browser still works as Xbox intended, and there are very few bugs in this first beta.

Chromium-supported Microsoft Edge browser on Xbox is a bonus for those who want to access websites through the console.

Thanks to improved compatibility with Chromium, the browser can now also access Google Stadia's streaming service.

Improved compatibility is also expected through browser-based games and web services (such as Skype or Discord).

The first beta seems to have the same sync engine used in Edge, and it supports add-ons, vertical tabs, groups, and most of the desktop browser features.

Windows desktop support for the currently older version of Microsoft Edge will end on March 9. Microsoft's testing of this updated browser shows that it may soon be available on all Xbox platforms.

According to reports, the original version of Edge uses the original Microsoft Spartan engine, but the new version uses the Chromium engine.

Replacing the browser with the same version as Windows 10 should make it easier to surf the Internet on the Xbox platform once everyone can use this update.

Microsoft Edge contains all the basic functions and functions that were available on the previous platforms. However, the advantage is that the user interface is designed to be used on Xbox.

It's great to see Microsoft unite Edge with every platform this browser runs on because the old browser via Xbox is so bad and needs an update. This update should be available on the platform in the near future.

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