Microsoft Teams gets smart speakers
Microsoft Teams gets smart speakers

Microsoft introduced a new smart speaker for Microsoft Teams, which can be used in conference rooms and can be used to determine who speaks in the meeting room when communicating through Microsoft Teams.

With Microsoft Teams, users can create shared communication and collaboration channels outside the company.

As people all over the world enter their second year of working from home and consider limited returns to the office, it is expanding the range of jobs.

The new smart speaker uses speech recognition technology to monitor up to 10 different people in the meeting room and correctly identify and record their conversations so that participants who are not in the meeting room can follow them.

These speakers are intended for use in a Microsoft Teams room in a physical office.

The company said: The headphones will be available for private inspection later this year.

No pricing has been announced, and the company's speakers pictured appear to be the previous generation Amazon Echo Dot.

The smart speaker has a 7-output microphone that uses artificial intelligence to detect and distinguish different sounds, while certain voices are matched with user accounts in Microsoft Teams.

Users can also customize privacy and security levels and disable the ability to copy or match copies of text from specific people if needed.

The preview of the new smart speaker and associated features will begin later this year.

Microsoft has partnered with Yealink and Epos to create devices. If you want to attend the meetings in other languages, it also supports translation.

Microsoft first introduced the concept of this subtle landscape at the Build 2018 conference.

Although these devices were originally designed for blood introductions, they can help bridge the gap between working remotely and trying to attend and follow in-person meetings.

Microsoft has not revealed the exact price or time for marketing, but the Surface Hub has also been certified as a smart speaker.

According to reports, Microsoft made a prototype device available a few years ago and promised to automatically detect, copy, and even translate the headset in the conference room via headphone in the future.

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