One Moto wants to replace electric motorcycles
One Moto wants to replace electric motorcycles

One Moto, a two-wheel electric vehicle company, is trying to replace fuel-powered motorcycles with electric vehicles.

The company has started operations in its hometown of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, but it hopes to expand its mission to the world.

A Moto is headquartered in the sustainable urban area of ​​Dubai, which is a shared residential and commercial area of ​​the city with a focus on green living.

This sustainable city is designed as a zero-energy space and consists of 10 organic greenhouses, 3,000 square meters of urban agriculture, large shaded parking lots with large solar panels, 500 residential units and a commercial area.

This is also where the One Moto office is located, as its two-wheeled electric vehicles head towards sustainability initiatives in the community.

Motorcycle equipped with electric scooters and electric standing scooters.

The main focus of the company is to replace the many delivery bikes on the road in Dubai every day.

Moto founder and CEO (Adam Ridgway) said: Every day, 15,000 motorbikes drive the streets of Dubai providing us with food, medicine, products, etc. Each of those 15,000 motorcycles that produces a bunch of carbon dioxide will produce nearly 16,500 tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to planting 273,000 trees in 10 years.

There are electric trucks, but they can't compete with fuel-powered motorcycles, and Ridgway hopes to change that.

The company's products cover many potential cyclists. Models range from low-power 250-watt electric scooters to 4000-watt high-power electric scooters that travel at 85 kilometers per hour.

Although One Moto focuses on Dubai motorcyclists, it has global ambitions.

Ridgway told CNN that it hopes to replace 1,500 electric motorcycles on Dubai's roads by the end of 2021 and eventually expand to 100 cities by 2024.

After opening offices in the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Kenya, the company is making progress towards this goal.

Other e-bike manufacturers primarily target the motorcycle delivery market.

Blitz Motors is another e-bike company in the Middle East that offers electric scooters with a displacement of 125 cc and 250 cc. These e-bikes are widely used for city delivery.

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