PalmOS devices receive the Twitter app
PalmOS devices receive the Twitter app

PalmOS devices may look very outdated now, but PalmPilot and Handspring Visor have a huge advantage over modern smartphones because they don't have a Twitter app.

Developer (Jorge Cohen) came up with a solution to bring Twitter into Handspring Visor via the PalmOS Twitter app, which allows these 24-year-old devices to scroll.

The original PalmPilot was released by US Robotics in March 1997, 9 years before Twitter fundamentally changed the way people share opinions online.

The Handspring Visor series appeared before social media connected the world, even before cellular or wireless communications became the standard.

Although modems can be used as a hardware option that plugs into the device expansion slot, they are designed for offline environments.

PalmPilot and the following other PDAs (including the Handspring Visor) were originally designed as productivity tools.

With these devices, you can use calendar and email when you leave your computer or before your BlackBerry device arrives.

Devices like PalmPilot and Handspring Visor do not have 5G wireless or integrated networks.

When physically connected to a docking station and synced with a computer, it can send and receive email, calendar updates, and other information.

After decades of most of us throwing our PalmOS in a drawer and forgetting about it, Cohen's PalmOS Twitter app has launched.

As Cohen later explained, PalmOS Twitter is currently unable to like Tweets or post new Tweets.

It also works very differently from the modern Twitter app, which can be constantly updated to get the latest updates instantly.

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