Ready For brings a DeX desktop to Edge Plus
Ready For brings a DeX desktop to Edge Plus

Motorola will add a new desktop interface called Ready For to its flagship Edge Plus device.

Similar to Samsung's DeX, the Ready For platform allows users to connect their smartphones to larger screens via USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to HDMI cables so that the Edge Plus can be used as a PC.

The company is studying four different use cases for the Ready For platform where users can convert their Edge Plus into a portable desktop computer using a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard similar to DeX.

However, Motorola also has more interesting ideas on how to use Edge Plus, such as: b. Use the smartphone camera (be it a 108MP primary lens or an ultra-high-resolution lens. 16MP wide angle) to turn the phone into a video conferencing station for a better video chatting experience.

There are also entertainment options where players can pair consoles and use Edge Plus as a standalone platform for native mobile games like Fortnite or with game streaming services like xCloud.

Users can also easily connect their cell phone as a portable set-top box. Motorola is considering connecting Edge Plus to your hotel room TV so you can access all media streaming apps while traveling without worrying about setting up a wireless network in your wireless network room. .

It should be noted that the Ready For or DeX platform is not the first attempt to convert a smartphone into a computer, as the phone book is replete with previous attempts such as the Palm Foleo extension or the LapDock Motorola Atrix 4G.

While Motorola's use case is a bit ambitious, after trying a desktop computer, there are definitely more ideas for moving the phone to a bigger screen.

As part of the Android 11 update, Motorola's Ready For platform will be available to Edge Plus users through the Verizon network starting today.

Motorovo (Motorola) by Lenovo describes the platform as a multifunctional platform that can extend the functionality of a smartphone beyond the boundaries of the device.

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