Algo 8301 IP Voice Paging Adapter & Bell Scheduler
Algo 8301 IP Voice Paging Adapter & Bell Scheduler

IP Relay Transformer for Conventional Analog Amplifiers. 8301 is a PoE IP Relay Switch that enables existing and traditional relay solutions to be integrated into an integrated or hosted VoIP environment. Features include G.722 broadband support and isolated and balanced line out to achieve maximum clarity and clarity without hum or noise. On the network side, the 8301 is a SIP endpoint that can be easily integrated into IP telephony systems and easily configured using an intuitive web interface or configuration function. In terms of relays, the 8301 uses XLR connectors and junction boxes to provide a balanced audio output for easy connection to the amplifier. If an amplifier is required, the contacts can also be switched off. With automatic volume control, frequency model selection and optional speech pressure, additional speech enhancement can be provided. The output level applies to loudspeakers for end users, dealers and professionals who require a line level of -10 dBm, 0 dB, or +4 dB. Audio input (balanced and also isolated to avoid hardware earth loops) can be used for additional input between existing devices or for 8301 input. This enables IP based relay or notification. Emergency control of the amplifier as needed. The multicast functionality can be expanded to multiple speakers and integrated into Algo IP loudspeakers and / or high performance IP loudspeakers in specific, large-scale applications by the user.

  • Simple and intuitive web interface, configurable stickers, ringtones, ringtones, music, etc.
  • Incredible clarity and clarity of sound - without hum or noise
  • Network management, monitoring of SIP and multicast stations; PoE support
  • The FXS header eliminates narrowband multicast or ATA functions, including Algo IP amplifiers and floodlights

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