Clarity XLC8-GLT Captioning Telephone System
Clarity XLC8-GLT Captioning Telephone System

Clarity XLC8-GLT Phone System - 50dB Speaker Cordless Phone with Auto Translate without Tablet PC

With the Clarity XLC8-GLT Extended Phone with Closed Captioning, you can record the entire conversation!

The XLC8 is an amplified landline phone with a 50 dB gain that can be used for loud and clear calls. This system, when combined with the comment box, is an efficient solution that allows you to capture the entire conversation! The system also turns off the answering machine!

Closed captioning board - Included tablet provides free annotations for your calls. With Google Live Transcribe, the XLC8-GLT can capture both sides of the conversation and provide an address to reply to messages from the device. The function is similar to the legend IP-CTS, which is a VoIP telephone service.

Amplifies incoming sound up to 50 dB
It comes with free translation on the tablet to capture both sides of the conversation
Subtitle text size is adjustable and easy to read
The answering machine message is marked on the supplied tablet
One (1) Year Limited Warranty

  •  Easy to use and pre-designed. Requirements: 1) High Speed ​​Internet Service and 2) Telephone Service - can be analog, digital, cable, FIOS, or most home phone services
  • Free Translations - The included tablet provides automatic, free and easy-to-use translations for fast bi-directional translations from almost real-time calls!
  • Wireless phone with 50dB speaker provides clear voice for calls
  • Answering machine with subtitle
  • Anyone can use this phone without registration!

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