Dododuck 4k Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear
Dododuck 4k Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear

Dododuck 4K Dual Dash Camera Front and Rear | Wi-Fi | GPS | Before 3840x2160P | 1080P backlight | Sony 335 CCD Night Vision Parking Detector | Gravity sensor | 170 ° Wide Angle Lens | The registration cycle period

 The Dododuck 4K Dual Dashcam is one of the most advanced driving recorders launched in 2021. It has a high-resolution Sony 335 sensor that can reproduce images with incredible quality. The front camera of the Dododuck 4K dual camera has a full 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), while the rear camera has a resolution of 1080p.

Driving recorder also integrates WiFi, GPS, F 1.6 night vision cover, 24 hour parking screen, motion sensor, G sensor, 170 ° wide angle lens, rear view and automatic gesture recording.

Integrated Wi-Fi

You can use your mobile phone to control this driving recorder. Change settings, download, play and pause videos, etc.

Activate GPS

Thanks to the built-in GPS system, you can record each of your trips, display the route you want, flight time, average speed, etc., and access all information via your smartphone.

24-hour parking monitor

If you are concerned that your car will be damaged by other people after parking the vehicle, you can use the Dododuck Webcam. If someone damages your vehicle and the vibration triggers the G-sensor or motion detects around the vehicle, the DVR will be installed.

Super night vision

Thanks to its revolutionary superior night vision technology, the Dododuck 4k Dashcam can record clearer videos and photos even in low-light conditions. The wide-angle 6-color F / 1.6 + glass lens with specified focal length can provide a clear image with the maximum aperture available.

Take pictures with gestures

In an emergency, just slide your hand under the device and the video recorder will automatically record the current scene.

Reverse parking indicator

If you install our reverse camera, when reversing, the driving recorder will switch to display the reverse camera image automatically, and in full screen mode, the background environment will be displayed using the reflection.

Wide angle lens

The 170 degree front camera and the 140 degree rear camera can record videos from two different angles at the same time.

Dododuck 4k Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear
Dododuck 4k Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear

  •     4K Resolution - The Dodocuck Dash Cam can record videos in up to 2160p (Ultra HD) resolution. The Ultra Wide + 170 ° lens provides a larger viewing angle to capture important details from both sides. WDR function can improve video quality with a wider range of lighting and image details. Thus, you will find that our camera can capture clear and vibrant license plates and traffic signs day and night.
  •     Night Vision - With the help of the revolutionary super night vision technology, the car dashboard camera can get clearer videos and photos even in poor lighting conditions, in addition to a maximum aperture of 1: 1.6 + 6-glass wide angle lens with special including the focal length of the lens to provide smaller details He explained.
  •     You can use the GPS function to save the route's location. You can view vehicle speed and track on your computer
  •     Motion Detection - When the Dododuck 1 Webcam detects a moving object, the camera will automatically start recording and stop when the moving object disappears
  •     24 Hour Parking Monitor - If you are concerned about someone else damaging your car after parking, our DVR Buck cable can help ensure that the VCR will function normally 24 hours a day. -Sensor, DVR will turn on instantly and record location.

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