GFFG Pet GPS Tracker Dog Cat Collar Water
GFFG Pet GPS Tracker Dog Cat Collar Water

GFFG Pet GPS Tracker Cat Dog GPS Collar Reminder Function Waterproof USB Charging Global Dog GPS Tracker GPS Tracker Remote Control Monitor Black

It is a good animal chaser. With the GPS function, you can always know where your pet is and not be lost. It can record pet tracking within 3 months. You can even contact the pet tracker by providing the family number. It is definitely your best choice!

  •   - Excellent design: compact, light, and does not disturb pets. It looks very cute.
  • - GPS function: The animal tracker can locate your pet anywhere and you can see the animal's location and movements on your phone.
  • - Security Fence: You can create an area around the locator and instantly notify you when animals enter or exit.
  • - Remote monitoring: Determine the teacher's cell phone number to keep in touch.
  • - Callback function: Set the callback number. Click the OK button and the pet tracker will automatically call the phone number you set. Waterproof design: waterproof, suitable for use in various environments.

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