HP 800 G1 16GB RAM 512GB SSD PC Desktop Computer
HP 800 G1 16GB RAM 512GB SSD PC Desktop Computer

HP 800 G1 Desktop PC, Intel i5, 16GB RAM SSD, 512GB, Windows 10 Pro, New 23.6 '' FHD LED Display, New 1080P Surround Webcam, New 16GB Flash Drive Gigabyte, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, DVD, WiFi

Originally designed for high-volume business use, this HP PC is designed with higher-quality components compared to traditional off-the-shelf retail models. The computer has been professionally refurbished by Microsoft Certified Retrofit Company (MAR) and is ideal for businesses, families, and schools. Every component is thoroughly tested to ensure continuous performance and reliability over many years. Cosmetics for external use is back in a brand-new condition, with little or no signs of prior use. New original installation of Microsoft Windows 10 includes a new license introduced digitally on your PC, making it easy and secure to use for the first time.

  •  The powerful premium Intel Core i5 processor built in performance so you can expect fast, reliable, and consistent performance for a great computing experience.
  • LATEST VERSION OF MICROSOFT WINDOWS 10 - FRESH INSTALLATION OF THE LATEST MICROSOFT Windows 10 OS - Does not contain the bloatware which is usually installed by other manufacturers. As Microsoft's newest and best operating system to date, Windows 10 will maximize the usability of your PC over the next several years.
  • MICROSOFT LICENSE RENEWAL - As we all know, Microsoft Certified License Renewal (MAR) is a pioneer in refurbishing computers in various environments. In accordance with strict Microsoft requirements and standards, MAR sellers guarantee excellent quality and professionally refurbished new computers. Your computer comes with a legal certificate (C.O.A) that is displayed digitally on your computer for easy, secure, and convenient setup.
  • High performance, storage, storage, and peripherals - a number of built-in components can supply power to your computer for maximum performance. Intel i5 processor can be used for computer operations, extended DDR3 RAM for multitasking, and a new 16GB USB drive for storing files so the computer can be used in the office, home or school. The new terminal webcam with microphone is ideal for working at home. It offers HD video resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30fps. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and MAC operating systems.
  • Designed to be securely configured and do all common tasks instantly - surf the web, stream movies and music, do homework, save photos, and more. All refurbished PCs come with a 90-day warranty and 90-day technical support to ensure everything runs smoothly, easily and safely.

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