Kingshowstar Mini Car GPS Tracker Device Hidden
Kingshowstar Mini Car GPS Tracker Device Hidden

Kingshowstar Hidden Mini Car GPS Tracker, Global Car GPS Tracker and Smartphones are used in real time for Vehicles, Cars, Motorcycles, Seniors, Luggage, Anti-theft devices

  •     Main Function - Small Car GPS Tracker, Built-in Vibration Sensor, Auto Vibration Alert, Travel Alert. This universal GPS tracker is very simple and can be used for motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc.
  •     GPS location tracking system with online subscription tracking service. You need to purchase a SIM card for your device (note: this GPS tracker does not have a SIM card) then download the GPSONE app from your tablet or mobile device. Get real-time tracking functionality without extra payment.
  •     Real-time tracking: GPS vehicle tracker in real time to find loss alert. Based on our GPS tracking app LBS + AGPS / GPRS and GPS satellites, you can locate and monitor distant targets so that the location information can be accurately displayed.
  •     Built-in switching power supply easy to install, plug and play, easy operation. For correct installation and fast online activation, please read our instructions carefully before using this product.
  •     Privacy - You need to change your password in order to create and change settings to protect your privacy.

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