Logistimatics 4G OBD Real-time Tracker for Vehicles
Logistimatics 4G OBD Real-time Tracker for Vehicles

OBD Logisticimatics 4G Vehicle Tracker including real-time location / speed / geofence warnings, no activation fee - can be canceled at any time

Excellent follow-up experience

Get all the features you need from a powerful and easy-to-use tracking app. When the tracker enters or leaves the website, you will see the tracker everywhere and receive instant notifications via SMS, email or apps.

Perfect tracking vehicle

Auto 424 is ideal for tracking cars and trucks. Get accurate real-time accuracy information and location update, including all locations the tracker has reached and all stations.

Easy to install

All cars and trucks have OBD connector. Just plug in the tracker and the tracker will instantly report its location.

 Tracking from any iOS or Android device or any web browser

Getting started is very easy. After installing our beautifully designed tracking app, you can see every movement of the tracker in real time

Logistimatics 4G OBD Real-time Tracker for Vehicles
Logistimatics 4G OBD Real-time Tracker for Vehicles

  •     Real-time GPS tracking: Get real-time location information over 4G LTE network. This powerful locator is ideal for tracking cars, trucks, and vehicles driven by family members and fleets. The tracker can be used in the US, Canada, and Mexico and provides you with instant tracking data from your mobile phone.
  •     Powerful tracking function - no battery required! The tracker is powered by the vehicle's OBD port. View all historical locations the tracker has traveled, including speed, time stamps and stops. Receive geolocation notifications when entering or leaving a certain area. Receive instant notifications via SMS, email or apps when an event occurs.
  •     Affordable Tracking Subscription - We provide real-time GPS tracking service at the lowest price. If you buy a year of service, it's only $ 9.95 a month, and if you pay monthly, it's only $ 24.95 a month. Get location updates every 30 seconds at no additional cost. You can cancel the service at any time.
  •     Great tracking experience by using iOS or Android phones or any web browser to view and manage your tracker. You can find out the exact location, battery life, and better designed tracking apps that provide insights and ease of use. Use the 4G LTE fast tracking feature to get all the alerts and data you need.
  •     Everything you need to start tracking - This automatic real-time GPS tracker 424 has everything you need to get started, including a tracker, SIM card, and guide to get started. do you need help? Contact US Customer Service 7 days a week, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with email support anytime.

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