Poly Calisto 3200 IP Conference Station VoIP Speakerphone
Poly Calisto 3200 IP Conference Station VoIP Speakerphone

Poly Calisto 3200 Compatible with Handsfree VoIP System for Microsoft Teams IP Conference Station, USB (214181-01)

Do you want CALISTO 3200 to be heard and heard on every call, regardless of whether you are at home, telecommuting, or in the office? Find out how to do it. When using Poly Calisto 3200 portable personal and portable speakers, the sound quality is higher than that of a phone or computer, so the minimum per call can be increased. Thanks to the unique 360-degree microphone, you can expect richer, clearer sound even ten meters from the speaker. Simple controls and dynamic silent alarms can easily control your call. Practical functions are also built in, with reliable USB connectivity, compact cable storage, and an easy-to-use cover. Prepare to meet with confidence. Multilingual sound alarm when you speak quietly, dynamic silent alarm is compact and portable. With Global Poly's service and two-year limited warranty, it's easy to use anywhere. Manufacturer: Poly. Brand name: Plantronics. Product line: Callisto. Product model: 3200. Product name: Callisto 3200 IP Conference Station. Product type: IP Conference station. [Technical information] Connection technology of the base unit: wired. Internet Protocol Telephony: VoIP. Speaker: Yes. [Interface / Port] USB: Yes. [Physical Properties] Weight (Approx.): 6.84 oz. [Others] Country of origin: China. [Warranty] Limited Warranty: 1 year.

  •  Main unit connection technology: Wired
  • Internet Protocol Telephony: VoIP
  • Speaker: Yes
  • USB: Yes
  • Weight (approx.): 6.84 oz

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