Polycom VVX500 Skype Business Media Phone
Polycom VVX500 Skype Business Media Phone

Polycom VVX 500 MS Skype for Business Edition can handle up to 12 SIP registrations and has a 3.5 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen that can interact with gestures as most mobile interfaces work today. The VVX 500 contains two USB 2.0 ports for multimedia and storage applications, so you can use the phone screen for various purposes, such as: for embedded web applications, digital photo frames, news, sports, weather forecasting, and even device improvements. Computer desk. The power supply unit and POE (Power over Ethernet) camera are available separately.

  • 320 x 240cm TFT touch screen supports USB video conferencing camera
  • Up to 12 inline subjects, play video stream, support USB RJ9 headphone
  • Provides High Resolution Audio up to 14kHz on all audio tracks, full browser (webkit), physical buttons, start page, mute and volume
  • Power supply unit and camera sold separately
  • 2 Ethernet 10/100/1000, 2 USB 2.0 hosts support expansion modules

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