TFCFL Retro Vintage Old Fashioned Corded Phones
TFCFL Retro Vintage Old Fashioned Corded Phones

TFCFL Landline Phone - Antique Corded Telephone, Antique Receiver, Home Office Room, Modern Retro Decor


1. Handle: telephone handles, brackets, etc. Made of zinc die-casting alloy, it has a sophisticated look and great appearance. Manage weight and durability.

2. Electroplating: high quality and high temperature gold plating, spraying to protect oil ingress, high temperature baking later to ensure stable metallic luster, ensure noble durability and more difficult to oxidize. It should be noted that similar products used for vacuuming are easy to oxidize and change color easily.

3. The turntable differs from the traditional turntable with advanced technology and imported chips.

4. Ceramic: The surface is smooth, smooth, non-porous and not deformed.

5. Woodworking: refined trunks, after fine grinding and finishing, remarkable antique effect. It dries before and after the operation to reduce bruising.

6. Circuit: Structure optimization design, selection of high-quality glass panels, double-layer panels, moisture-proof, and anti-static panels. Electronic lightning protection, anti-theft device (to avoid and lose cell phone charge), anti-static grounding device. The quality of electronic devices is good, the foot number is large, the overall quality is good, very stable, and the time is long.

7. Function: Backward, one touch, check other traditional phones have convenient functions, buttons have caller ID, dial and rotation, no caller ID.

TFCFL Retro Vintage Old Fashioned Corded Phones
TFCFL Retro Vintage Old Fashioned Corded Phones

  •  ✿ 【Exquisite craftsmanship】 The old-fashioned mobile phone features smooth surface, smooth ceramic surface, fine floor records, high workmanship, and clear antique effect. Before and after surgery, they all undergo a draining procedure to reduce bruising.
  • ✿ The handle and handle of the mobile phone are made of cast zinc alloy parts, the appearance is exquisite. The turntable differs from the traditional turntable due to the advanced technology and imported chips.
  • ✿ The function is the same as the old phone. The old phone had the remove, touch, call and other convenient functions. These buttons contain caller ID, call, and rotation, not caller ID.
  • The circuit [circuit] takes the structure optimization design, and selects high-quality glass, double-sided panels, moisture-proof and anti-static. It also has electronic lightning protection, anti-static grounding devices, and anti-theft features to help you avoid and lose phone charges.
  • ✿ [Widely Used] Old phones are suitable for homes, offices, luxury hotels, star hotels, exhibition halls, and jewelry companies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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