Unidata Incom ICW-1000G Wireless SIP IP Phone
Unidata Incom ICW-1000G Wireless SIP IP Phone

Unidata icw-1000g is a dual-band WLAN phone with 2.4 and 5.0MHz (rfc3261), IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n, provisions g.711, provisions g.711, g. 729ab and now supports HD with g-voice. 722. icw-1000g is the next generation product in the successful unidata wpu7800 series and maintains its reputation as the most reliable in-app WiFi player phone in the market. It is the preferred model in crowded environments (such as healthcare, storage, and hotel services) for its sound quality and is an ideal replacement for Avaya and Cisco 792x Wi-Fi phones. The following functions are supported. HTTP Push, VPN, Encryption Configuration, Special Characters and Multilingual Support in addition to the standard functions of Corporate IP Phones, Mute, Hold, Transfer (Supported / Unattended / Advice), Contract, Transfer (Busy / Unattended / Basic), ID, Shielding ID, 3-way conference (if PBX support) polyphonic / ringing cycles, hotkeys for ringing effects and simultaneous resonance of ringtone and ringtone, adjustable volume, screen brightness and timeout 100 call records for incoming, outgoing and missed calls 99 speed dial numbers with 30 directory groups for directory searches, and during synchronization, directory files for calls made via a pre-configured automatic server. Support callback hotkeys to set call time and date, volume control, world time for calls / alarm (52 ​​countries / regions) 52 countries / regions) Voice calls (19 countries / regions) Computer language: English, French, German, Spanish , Dutch, portuguese, italian, turkish, synchronous hands-free personal computer Pho Northeast

  •     2.4 and 5MHz dual-frequency, set to 82.11 a / b / g / n, now also supports Hi-Res Audio (g.722)
  •     Enterprise WPA2 EAP, PSK. 82.1x (eap-md5, eap-ttls, peap, eap-tls). Fast Roaming L2 / L3
  •     Lightweight and long-lasting lithium-ion battery, talk time of more than 1 hour or standby time of up to 14 hours, equipped with amplifier and headphone jack
  •     Powerful management function, automatic backup, programmable keyset, 5 configuration files and diagnostics
  •     The SIP provider requires a supported host or SIP capable phone system

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