VIISAN K21 23MP High Definition Document Camera
VIISAN K21 23MP High Definition Document Camera

VIISAN HD 23MP Document Camera, Windows Chromebook Compatible (Not Compatible with Mac), Fast One-Click A3 Paper Scanning, Professional Book Scanner for Web Conferencing, Online Tutorials

K21 is a smart and professional camera scanner with laser positioning guidance, which is suitable for desktop and laptop computers connected via USB. With a 20.1MP CMOS camera sensor, high-quality images can be recorded and outputted. In addition to these cool features, you can also use the OfficeCam scanning software included with this scanner to get great results when scanning books. Additionally, you can use the built-in OCR feature to convert a range of scanned images into searchable PDFs or editable Word, Excel and Text-to-Speech file formats.

Create a video course

With the under-camera recording feature, you can use a laptop webcam with a scanner with the accompanying OfficeCam software to create interactive self-recording instructional videos during the recording process.

Advantages of a job photographer

With innovative display functions, you can connect a projector during a meeting and easily project your laptop screen using the built-in whiteboard tool.

VIISAN K21 23MP High Definition Document Camera
VIISAN K21 23MP High Definition Document Camera

  •  Practical: VIISAN K21 is a multi-functional desktop scanner. Thanks to the unique design of the two lenses, the scanner can guarantee high quality A3 scanning (up to 23 megapixels). To facilitate wiping, the K21 supports continuous wiping with manual buttons or foot pedals.
  • Intelligent image enhancement: With the help of smart page rotation detection technology, camera scanner can scan automatically by detecting the flipped pages. VIISAN is equipped with intelligent algorithms with which the curved pages can be smoothed automatically, finger images can be scanned, backgrounds sharpened, and pages can be split.
  • Efficient work: This smart document scanner can scan and cut multiple cards at the same time. With built-in OCR function, VIISAN K21 can convert scanned images into editable files. At the same time, it can scan ID cards and recognize barcode files.
  • Effective Teaching Assistant: With its innovative display functions, the scanner can easily record educational videos and operate the whiteboard. With the smart text-to-speech function, you can scan text documents and convert them into playable audio files. With the innovative release function, the K series can scan and launch smartphones directly.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with laptop / PC devices. It currently supports Windows and will support Mac before April 2021 (without hardware switching). This foldable portable scanner has high brightness LED lights that allow you to capture clear images even in the dark. With multi-stage adjustable headlights, you can change the brightness depending on the environment.

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