VTech VS113-5 Extended Range 5 Handset Cordless Phone
VTech VS113-5 Extended Range 5 Handset Cordless Phone

VTech VS113-5 Extended Range Cordless Phone 5 Home Speakers with Call Blocking, Bluetooth Cellular Connection, 2 Backlit Screens, Large Buttons, Answering Machine, Silver and Black

With the help of the VTech VS113-5 Extended Range X Wireless Mobile Phone, Bluetooth connectivity by cell phone blocking and smart calling function, you don't have to worry about unnecessary calls waking you up late in the day or at night or restricting lines. Automatic calls don't automatically ring the first time either. You can also blacklist any number you want with just one click. With the Bluetooth Connect to Cell technology of this wireless phone system, you can receive cellular and / or landline calls from a single home phone system. You only need to press a button to use the hi-tech functions of your smartphone. Even if your smartphone is in another room, you can still access Siri or Google Now on a wireless phone. Call, write or read a text, then do whatever other operation these services provide.

DECT 6.0 technology provides remote coverage and sound quality without interference from routers, wireless keyboards, microwave ovens, and other devices.

Convert up to 1000 names and phone numbers in paired cell phones to a phonebook so you can make and receive phone calls using any wireless device.

High contrast texts and enlarged fonts on the big screen of the phone and the base unit make it easy to read caller IDs or call log records.

VTech VS113-5 Extended Range 5 Handset Cordless Phone
VTech VS113-5 Extended Range 5 Handset Cordless Phone

  •  The unique design of the antenna with long range and cellular connectivity, as well as advances in noise filtering technology, ensure long term coverage and clarity. You can make and receive calls with a cell phone plan while enjoying the convenience of a home phone. Pair up to two cell phones, then connect two cell phones or cell phone and a bluetooth speaker to make landline calls.
  • Smart Call Blocker - This system allows you to block annoying callers instantly with just one touch. Additionally, tamperers and unnecessary calls can be filtered out, while welcome calls can be made. To prevent automatic calls, configure this option so that callers have to press the hash key. To block unknown callers, configure it to force callers to register their name and hit the hash key. After the caller completes the request, the phone rings and announces the name of the caller. You can then block or answer the call, or transfer the call to the answering machine.
  • Digital answering machine with voice guidance - This reliable wireless system has a digital answering machine that can record incoming messages, announcements, and outgoing notes for up to 22 minutes and an LED message indicator to let you know how many messages have been received. You can easily set up the system using the built-in audio guide.
  • The large screen on the HS and the base, the large text, the high-contrast text, the backlight on the keyboard and the enlarged fonts on the phone, the large screen on the base, make it easy to read the caller IDs or the call log recordings. In addition, the large keyboard with illuminated speaker allows easy communication in poor lighting conditions. This feature is especially useful for blind people.
  • Calling to verify caller ID has never been easier. The phone and landline announce the caller's name so you know who's calling without disturbing the phone.
  • Fully Premium Dual-Tone Speakers - Enjoy speakers that keep track of your talking time. Both parties can talk and listen at the same time using the two-way hands-free system on the phone and on the base station. The system can be used as a walkie-talkie using the push to talk button on the phone and at the base station and can communicate with up to four devices simultaneously.

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