ZUMIMALL Bullet 6S 1080P WiFi Camera with Night Vision
ZUMIMALL Bullet 6S 1080P WiFi Camera with Night Vision

Outdoor security camera, at least 1080p Wi-Fi camera with night vision function, home security camera system with motion / noise alarm function, 2 cable cameras, cloud storage, IP65 weatherproof, can be used with Alexa

1080P and FHD

Monitor your valuables in FHD videos, see more detail and vivid color.

Movement alarm

If someone comes into your home and turns on the built-in motion sensor, they'll be alerted on the phone.

Night vision

Even if there is no lighting, look at the door at night.

24/7 live video

Monitor your home around the clock, day and night.

Two-way audio

Tell the postman to throw away the packaging or remind the kids to stop cleaning.

Use with Alexa

Hands free with Alexa. Control the camera by saying "Alexa, show me the front door" to watch live broadcasts from the wired camera.

Weather resistance

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures IP65 Resistant to weather, hail, rain or sunlight

Wired power source

Install using the camera cable attached to your home.

 Watch real-time video and share devices remotely

  •     Wherever you are, ZUMIMALL outdoor cameras support instant remote viewing of HD videos. There are stable and reliable servers all over the world, and they are all based on the latest technology. So you can be sure of yourself on vacation. He will take care of your home.
  •     The outdoor surveillance camera supports multiple access rights, and multiple online users can watch videos at the same time via the ZUMIMALL app. Not only are family members in control, but they can also watch videos and receive notifications.
  •     With ZUMIMALL WiFi Camera, you can connect to your home at any time, so you can always check what is happening on your mobile device.
ZUMIMALL Bullet 6S 1080P WiFi Camera with Night Vision
ZUMIMALL Bullet 6S 1080P WiFi Camera with Night Vision

  •  [More information] Adjustable WiFi camera sensitivity suitable for AI motion and speech recognition. It can detect more suspicious movements and alert you instantly, even when you are not at home. (2.4GHz Wi-Fi only, not 5G)
  • [More information] The wired external camera is equipped with a 130 ° wide angle lens. Connect your 1080p security camera to view clear photos / videos day and night. The night vision range can reach 49 feet and cover a longer range, which makes you feel more secure.
  • [Long Log] Tired of being spotted or temporarily warned? With the 24/7 recording function of Zumimall Home Security cameras, you can be aware of everything that happens in homes, warehouses, farms, offices, etc. To fully protect your property.
  • [Better Communication] With the built-in microphone and loudspeaker, you can listen and talk to your visitors through the app on your phone. Connect your Alexa security camera for hands-free monitoring and make comfortable hands-free calls so you can communicate with every person the camera detects.
  • [Easy sharing] This IP camera supports multiple users to watch videos at the same time through sharing devices. Or save the video from a wireless camera in the phone album to share it.

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