Robot Sophia sells digital artworks under the name NFT
Robot Sophia sells digital artworks under the name NFT

Robot Sophia (Sophia) presented its first artworks at an auction. He is inspired by people's artwork and is ready to work creatively with people in the future.

In the first auction for such works, jointly created with AI, the Sophia Digital Art robot was sold as a symbol without an NFT exchange.

Non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs) are digital signatures stored in the blockchain ledger that allow anyone to verify ownership and authenticity of items. It became the latest investment boom. A $ 70 million piece of art sold this month for the price.

"I hope people love my job and I hope people and I can work together in new and exciting ways," said robot Sophia in a low voice in her studio.

Sophia, the robot, was launched in 2016, and he worked with Italian digital artist (Andrea Bonacito) to create his work. He is known for his colorful and recognizable image, some of which are represented by such celebrities as Tesla CEO Andrea Bonaceto. Elon Musk.

The robot combines Bonasito's work, art history, and elements of physical drawing or painting on various surfaces, which its creator (David Hansen) described as a recurring development.

Sophia Robot added: I use transformer networks and genetic algorithms in art and other types of computer creativity, and the unique models created by my algorithm are not available worldwide, so I think machines can be creative.

The digital work is called instantiation by Sophia. This is a 12-second MP4 file showing how Bonasito's photo evolved into Sophia's digital painting, accompanied by physical artwork that a robot drew through a printout of her selfie.

After the auction, Sophia interacted with the winner, studying her face and adding her latest inspiring brushstrokes to the artwork.

“This collaboration aims to make a statement in the world of art and even in the world of technology that would lead to a new way of collaborating and empowering humans and intelligent robots,” Bonasetto said.

Pablo Friel, art collector and first Beeple buyer, said that Sophia's art can be a very important part of history and this is the first time these ideas have been incorporated.

He added: It paved the way for more innovation in the art of artificial intelligence.

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