SpaceX wants to connect Starlink Internet to mobile vehicles
SpaceX wants to connect Starlink Internet to mobile vehicles

In accordance with the company's requirements submitted to the FCC, SpaceX hopes to connect large vehicles (cars, trucks, cargo planes, and planes) to the Internet through the Starlink satellite.

The demand marks SpaceX's biggest step so far toward connecting Starlink's internet network to the automotive sector, a lucrative business line that would expand the company's existing steady offerings of cottages.

The company requires the FCC to obtain a full license to operate Starlink stations in what is known as a "mobile earth station," a general term for cars, trucks, ocean-going ships, and other vehicles.

The query indicated that: Whether it is driving trucks around the country, transporting cargo ships from Europe to American ports, or on domestic or international trips, users are no longer willing to give up communications while traveling on the shift system.

Small passenger cars may have to wait. Elon Musk's response to an article in the FCC document: Tesla vehicles cannot connect to the Starlink Internet because our terminal is large enough to accommodate aircraft, ships, large trucks, and RVs.

SpaceX's request to link Starlink to a vehicle did not provide details on the design of the new antennas, but said they are electrically similar to pre-licensed user base stations but have an option to install them on vehicles, ships and aircraft. For support.

Another document from SpaceX states: Portable antennas are very suitable for masts, truck roofs, passenger cars or leisure boats.

Unlike the current Starlink service station, the device has a mounting frame and is customer installed while the vehicle antenna is being prepared by a qualified installer.

Transferring the Starlink station to a moving vehicle is not surprising for SpaceX. Last year, SpaceX applied for a test permit to operate the Starlink station via Gulfstream.

Although Musk underestimated the possibility of equipping Tesla cars with Starlink stations, he said in January 2020: This will definitely happen in the next few years.

Now, SpaceX appears to be focusing more on the mobile connectivity business, which indicates that it plans to target drivers, ship operators, and air travelers in the US and abroad.

The company said: Starlink Internet has been rolled out to these customers to allow operators and users to access services that can increase productivity, and the registry also states that this can improve mobile platform security.

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