Tesla doubled fees for some customers
Tesla doubled fees for some customers

The problem with a group of Tesla customers is that the company billed them twice, withdrew tens of thousands of dollars from their bank accounts without approval or warning, and had difficulty contacting the company. I had a frustrating experience when I requested a refund.

It should be noted that the cost of the new Tesla is not at the minimum and the amount that will be received from the accounts of affected customers ranges from $ 37,000 to about $ 71,000.

Christopher Lee was one of the first buyers to post on the company’s forum, and he detailed what happened in the YouTube video.

After placing the order, he was shocked to find that Tesla had made two transfers from his Model Y account without consent or warning, for a total of $ 56,579, not just one.

He told me that he saved the price of his dreamy Model Y and used the Automated Clearing House to pay it off, and Tesla kept asking him to call the bank, even if it was through the paid ACH. in law.

It was hard for me to find someone from Tesla to fix the problem. So he had to go to his local service center, which gave him the email address of someone in the company's finance department at the company's Fremont office while he was there waiting for the double tax refund.

Buyer (Tom Slattery) also faced the same situation: He paid an additional $ 53,000 and shared his experience on Twitter, immediately contacted the company and headed to the Burbank store in California.

“They asked me to call my bank and ask my bank to withdraw the transaction and recover fees. If I withdraw more than $ 50,000 and ask the customer to go through it to solve the problem, that is unacceptable,” Slatri said.

Another customer, Clark Peterson, reported the same issue with the Model Y for $ 71,000.

The selected customer did not receive a refund and everyone refused to accept the refund until the issue was resolved.

"It's not the operator's fault. I didn't click the buy button twice. For a company with a lot of technical skills, that raised the question whether a lot of people have it," said Peterson.

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