Tesla is banned from entering Chinese military complexes
Tesla is banned from entering Chinese military complexes

Reuters reported that the Chinese military prevented Tesla cars from entering their buildings due to concerns about the security of the cameras on board.

The move is the latest indication that China is increasingly monitoring US electric car makers amid tensions with Washington.

Analysts said: This is similar to Washington's actions against the Chinese telecom company Huawei under the guise of national security.

The Chinese military restrictions on Tesla emerged when senior Chinese and American officials held a controversial meeting in Alaska. It was the first exchange of its kind since US President Joe Pey came to power.

The American electric vehicle manufacturer set up its first overseas factory in Shanghai in 2019 and got strong support from Shanghai.

The Model 3 is the best-selling electric vehicle in the country, which was later replaced by a much cheaper electric minivan.

The policy advises car owners to park Tesla cars out of military possession and notify residents this week.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Chinese government has restricted private use of Tesla vehicles in sensitive industries as well as in military companies and state-owned enterprises in large enterprises.

According to the report, it is not known whether the procedure applies to all of these entities. The move came after the government conducted a security check on Tesla cars.

In his first comment on news of the Chinese military's ban on Tesla facilities on Saturday, the head of Tesla Corporation said on Saturday that the head of Tesla Corporation said on Saturday that his company would be closed if his car was used for espionage.

"There are very strong reasons for us to keep information secret," Musk said in a hypothetical discussion at the China Development Forum. "If Tesla used a car to spy in China or anywhere else, we would do it behind closed doors."

In his speech at the China Development Forum, Musk urged the world's two largest economies to build mutual trust.

In China, Tesla is the largest market for cars in the world and an important battleground for electric cars. 147,445 vehicles were sold last year, accounting for 30% of global sales.

However, local competitors from Nio to Jeely face more competition this year.

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