Tesla is expanding the beta version of its FSD program
Tesla is expanding the beta version of its FSD program

Electric car maker Elon Musk said: Tesla is expanding its test version of the FSD and doubling its size with the new 8.2 update.

The next step, Update 8.3, is expected to increase sales, which could increase the number of participants tenfold.

Musk tweeted, via the official account on the Twitter platform, saying: Due to the high demand, Tesla will add a download button for the FSD trial version to the car screen in the coming days.

“Be careful when using the FSD because it is not an autopilot system, it is just a beta version and it requires 100% attention,” Musk said. However, the system will be larger and the manual intervention required should be minimized.

Tesla launched the first beta of its Early Access Program (FSD) for car owners on October 22, 2020.

Musk said that at the time, the company had always handled software updates very carefully and still hoped that the driver could get their hands on the wheel and get ready to take control of the vehicle at all times.

Tesla uses data from FSD beta to improve performance. Musk said last month there were about 1,000 cars in the trial, a small number compared to the 1.4 million Tesla electric cars worldwide.

Musk noted that in Tesla's case, the term "beta" is used to reduce user satisfaction and set expectations appropriately. All procedures are tested first by Tesla simulator and quality inspection team.

He added that the availability of the beta version of FSD varies by region due to delays in Tesla's regulatory approval, development and internal testing.

Tesla's Director of Artificial Intelligence wrote on Twitter: Tesla owners who want to join the beta must send an email to earearaccess@tesla.com and the company will use them to coordinate the plan.

Musk has said several times over the past few months that he is confident Tesla can bring a fully automated Level 5 pilot system to the market before the end of 2021.

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