Tesla is losing more than $ 244 billion in a month
Tesla is losing more than $ 244 billion in a month

Tesla's stock price fell for the fifth year in a row after the company suffered a sell-off that wiped the company's market value by more than $ 277 billion last month.

Tesla's share price fell by a third from its highest level in January, allowing the electric carmaker's share price to change dramatically for the third time in a quarter.

As investors worried about rising interest rates and selling high-priced stocks in recent weeks, Tesla's market capitalization has fallen by about $ 300 billion to $ 540 billion since Jan.26, lagging behind Facebook, which surpassed it in December. Facebook arrives.

Since February 12 of last year, share prices of technology companies have rebounded from their lowest level in March of last year, causing the market to rebound. Technology stocks have fallen since February 12, due to higher incomes and cash transfers from investors in industries eager to take advantage of the global economic recovery. It is supported by the speedy introduction of the Corona vaccine.

However, during this period, Tesla's decline was greater than that of other Wall Street heavyweights.

Over the past three weeks, the Nasdaq Technology Index has fallen more than 10.5%, Tesla shares have fallen 6.5%, and Neo Auto and Li Auto shares have fallen 7.6% and 5.0%, respectively.

Due to the global shortage of semiconductor chips, the entire auto industry has come under pressure, causing serious delays in manufacturing activities and forcing many companies to scale back their production.

In late February, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said: Due to a shortage of parts, the Fremont California plant has been closed for two days.

The reason for the increase in the company's market value in recent months is due to expectations that it will grow rapidly and profitably in auto production.

The CEO has tweeted that the company is planning to launch the Cybertruck in 2019 and it might have the latest news of the Cybertruck truck for the second quarter.

Since announcing the purchase of $ 1.5 billion Bitcoin on February 8, the company's shares have steadily declined, its shares have fallen, and the price of Bitcoin has risen by more than 10%.

Last week, Elon Musk's net worth decreased by $ 27 billion, and with the electric car makers' market value dropping, his net worth decreased by more than $ 60 billion in the past two months.

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