The Japanese billionaire is looking for someone to go with him to the moon
The Japanese billionaire is looking for someone to go with him to the moon

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa (Yusaku Maezawa) invites the public to compete for positions on the interstellar spacecraft launch vehicle as part of his special lunar orbiting mission.

After Masawa announces that he will sing with a select group of artists, he hopes to reach a larger and more diverse audience within two years.

Misawa said: I hope people from all walks of life can participate as there are a total of 10-12 people, but I am inviting 8 people on this trip.

Maesawa is the founder of Japan's largest online fashion retailer, with an estimated value of $ 2 billion.

At an event hosted by CEO Elon Musk at the company's headquarters, it was announced as the first passenger to sign a contract with SpaceX's Starship Launcher.

At the event, art collector Maesawa announced the Dear Moon Project that will bring together six to eight artists from around the world to participate in his nearly six-day mission. In 2023.

Misawa said at the time: These artists were asked to create something after returning to Earth.

“This project has evolved since then,” Mizawa said in a new video, adding that perhaps anyone who is involved in the creative work can be called an artist.

Project updates have been very rare in the past two years. Maezawa's ex-husband (Maezawa) began a strange campaign in January 2020 to find a partner to accompany him as he flies around the moon.

The contest website has received 27,722 entries and Japanese broadcaster AbemaTV will record the mission on a reality show called "Full Moon Lovers".

After a few weeks the show was canceled, Maesawa canceled her search for personal reasons and apologized to AbemaTV's staff and all applicants.

The interplanetary spacecraft rocket is SpaceX's next-generation, fully reusable Mars missile system designed to transport people and up to 100 tons of cargo to future space missions.

Maezawa's new announcement did not provide details of the training of the selected astronauts, but made it clear that it would bear the undisclosed ticket price. He said, I paid for the whole trip and bought all the seats, so it's going to be a private trip.

He said that if the spaceship flew behind the moon and made a three-day trip to Earth, it would take three days to reach the moon.

Musk said the spacecraft's first orbital flight could be completed by the end of 2021, according to the schedule.

Last year, Musk said that an "interplanetary spacecraft" must complete hundreds of satellite missions before humans can board the ship.

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