The printer has broken down in the computer after updating Windows 10
The printer has broken down in the computer after updating Windows 10

The new Windows 10 update has caused problems for some printer owners.

When a user tries to open the print dialog from Notepad, Office, or other programs, he sees a blue screen.

A message will appear: Your PC ran into a problem and should restart.

Microsoft understands that under certain circumstances, attempting to print can expose your computer to a blue screen problem and error message.

The company listed the bug on its Windows 10 support page, but it doesn't look like they've released a fix yet.

The support page states the following: We are currently investigating and providing updates as more information becomes available.

It is not yet clear how common the problem is, but there have been some bug reports according to Windows Latest.

The bug appears to affect several brands of printers, including Kyocera, Ricoh, and Zebra.

When a user sends a file to print, instead of actually printing, the computer shuts down completely and displays a blue screen with error code APC_INDEX_MISMATCH for win32kfull.sys.

According to Windows Latest, there are at least 20 confirmed cases from 4 different customers and the hour is only today.

Windows users have complained about the problem on several social media platforms. One user said: This problem was confirmed on four computers while another user said we just got three calls from customers and they all have the same problem.

If you are facing this issue, the simplest solution is to restore the latest Windows update by going to Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update> View update history, uninstall the update, then uninstall the hotfix manually or remove it from the command called.

Some users have assured that this issue can be resolved, and users claiming to be Microsoft employees have published two effective solutions.

You can enable direct printing at the command prompt or you can use a hotfix to apply this hotfix, depending on the application that you are running.

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