Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 will take advantage of DVR functionality in Japan with a new app that works with the Nasne tuner.

The app is called Torne and will be available later this year.

Although Microsoft discontinued the OneGuide Live TV list for Xbox One, Sony's earlier efforts to bring live TV and even DVR capabilities to the PlayStation have started to make a comeback.

Torne was originally a PS3 live TV tuner released in 2010. It enables you to record broadcast programs to disc on the platform and transfer them to a PSP or PS Vita.

Immediately behind is the Nasne, a digital media box with integrated satellite and terrestrial tuners that can connect to many of the company's products.

Nasne can also be used as a standard media storage and playback device, and its capacity can be expanded with an external drive.

Nasne added his own storage space, acted as a NAS drive, and kept records with a mobile app.

Sony stopped selling the Nasne in 2019, but last year Japanese peripheral maker Buffalo announced that it would withdraw the product and release a version of the Buffalo brand. The first prototypes will be launched in the spring.

The new nose still looks like the PS3 with the Buffalo logo on it. The company doubled its internal storage capacity to 2 terabytes, while its external storage capacity tripled, to reach 6 terabytes.

You can also combine multiple units to record more than one channel at the same time.

Although a PS5 can be difficult to purchase, people who own a PS5 can still enjoy the classic DVDs they might have by adding this new material.

While most movies and shows are still streamed online, adding this device can play back old DVDs.

There are people who still enjoy using DVD to watch their favorite shows non-stop and don't even need an internet connection.

Buffalo is expected to sell Nasne later this month for 29,800 yen (roughly $ 270).

The PS5 gets DVR support in Japan this year
The PS5 gets DVR support in Japan this year

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