Twitter starts voice chatting for Android Spaces
Twitter starts voice chatting for Android Spaces

Twitter announced the opening of a real-time voice chat room for Android device users called Twitter Spaces.

The beta version was only open to iOS users after the beta release of the product at the end of December 2020.

The company said: Currently, Android users can join and chat on Twitter Places, but cannot create their own rooms.

Twitter has stated that the add-on is expected to be available in the near future without specifying a specific timeline.

In the months since its launch, the company has worked hard to launch Twitter Spaces, and its roadmap is fairly transparent.

Last month, the team that developed Twitter Spaces created a space where users were invited to leave comments, ask questions, and learn more about what Twitter does for product activity in the short and long term.

In that live chat, Twitter confirmed that the product would be released on Android in March and promised to fix the way listeners view content since then.

Other functionality for Spaces is generally released based on their design and prototype, including content such as titles, descriptions, scheduling options, host and hosts support, guest list, etc.

Twitter has also updated the preview map shown in the timeline and renamed the translation feature more precisely from an accessibility perspective.

Schedule some new developments (like Android and scheduling options) in a matter of weeks (not months).

This rapid pace has now caused Twitter to overtake its rival Clubhouse as Clubhouse still only runs on iOS and currently leads only social media audio in terms of audio support for Android.

This fast pace also shows that Twitter is investing resources in this new product, which was first released in November.

Twitter believes that the world of audio-only social media markets is a market to be won.

The company also believes that the vast potential of Spaces products is part of the larger designer platform.

Last week, Twitter talked about linking its new products (like Spaces and Newsletters) with a paid Super Follow subscription.

The company is currently testing a purchase card that allows users to post Tweets that are directly related to product pages through buy buttons.

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