Uber and Lyft team up on the two drivers accused of assault
Uber and Lyft team up on the two drivers accused of assault

Uber and Lyft's joint transit service announced in separate blogs that they were sharing information about US drivers and delivery drivers accused of physical and sexual assault to ensure they are banned from both systems.

HireRight, a company that specializes in background checks, oversees the industry's shared security plan database.

As long as other US airlines and delivery companies adhere to the data accuracy and privacy policies that Uber and Lyft must adhere to (including measures that Uber has worked with), they will have the option to contribute to and access the primary database. The Urban Institute in 2005. 2018.

“We hope to share this information between us and share this information with other companies in the near future so that our colleagues can understand it and create a platform to keep it with a secure guarantee,” said Jennifer Brandenburger, Lyft's Director of Policy Development and Research.

The security database does not contain any information about the victim.

Creating a shared database of abusers is an important step for both companies, with Uber and Lyft receiving frequent criticism for failing to protect passengers (especially women) from drivers.

When Uber released its first safety report in 2019, the company announced that it had received nearly 6,000 reports of sexual assault between 2017 and 2018.

In 2019, 14 unwanted women filed a lawsuit against Lyft, claiming that the company failed to perform adequate background checks on its drivers.

Uber said one of the measures taken in its security report was to find a way to share the identity of the entrepreneur banned from the platform.

Scott Berkowitz, president and founder of the National Rape Network, a nonprofit organization, appreciated the cooperation between the two companies.

He said, Uber and Lyft have shown themselves to be pioneers in shared security software in the industry, and by letting competition aside, Uber and Lyft put users first, creating a shared transportation community that's safer for everyone.

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