Voyager Station ... a space hotel due to open in 2027
Voyager Station ... a space hotel due to open in 2027

Within ten years, mankind will build the first hotel in space where Orbital Assembly Corporation will begin building the Voyager Station, which will be the world's first space hotel and will be in low Earth orbit in 2025. It will be built and commissioned early this year. In the year 2027.

The hotel should contain restaurants, cinemas, spas, and rooms that can accommodate up to 400 people.

The Voyager station is shaped like a large circle 200 meters in diameter that rotates to create artificial gravity at a level similar to that on the surface of the moon.

The hotel has many features you can imagine on a cruise ship, and a number of capsules are attached to the outside of the rotating bezel.

Some of these 20 x 12 meter space capsules can be sold to NASA and European space research agencies.

The Gateway Foundation runs some of these divisions that deal with areas such as human settlements, air, water, and electricity.

It's the next Industrial Revolution, said John Blenko, founder of the Gateway Foundation. The Gateway Foundation operates certain parts of the Voyager capsule, adding that circulation is essential and that without gravity, humans cannot stay on the space station for long.

The goal of the Orbital Assembly Corporation is to enable a multi-month stay at the Voyager Station.

The resort orbits the Earth every 90 minutes and also has a gym, kitchen, dining room and other basic facilities suitable for those planning to travel for a long time.

The company hopes to sell some of the hotel to permanent stakeholders, including government agencies looking to use it as a training center or owners looking to build villa cars while renting other units.

According to NASA engineer Wernher von Braun, the idea of ​​building a space station that revolves around a central circular wheel goes back to the beginnings of space travel.

The Voyager terminal concept is a similar one, but on a larger scale: it first appeared in 2012 with the establishment of the Gateway Foundation.

The company plans to test the concept with a smaller prototype station and a free-flying microgravity facility modeled after the International Space Station.

Once the test is over and the company has finished some gravity tests, a robot called STAR will build the Voyager station into orbit.

Although the company said construction costs are getting cheaper due to the reusable vehicles, it has not provided details on the cost to build the space station or the cost of a night in a hotel.

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