What data is Gmail collecting on iPhone and how can I prevent it from being collected?
What data is Gmail collecting on iPhone and how can I prevent it from being collected?

Most users tend to scrutinize the privacy practices of the apps of big tech companies like Facebook and Google. However, at the same time, they are hesitant to accept the use of these apps as it has become a necessary requirement for them. There is no other way to provide the same functionality, and to some extent similar to this method, everyone accepts the terms of use provided by these applications to avoid the problem of reading long pages and the vague terms they contain.

While many users know that these companies, run by Facebook and Google, rely completely on tracking users and collecting their data profitably, they also face a plethora of privacy scandals and sometimes receive complaints. They ask to remove these apps but I tend to forget all of this and start using these companies' products again as if nothing had happened.

However, we can see that the new privacy reporting feature introduced by Apple in the iOS 14 version of the operating system can help change this behavior, or at least let users know the data that is being collected by the most important apps in the world.

When Apple first announced the new data protection feature last fall, it was clear at first glance that Google and Facebook were the two companies that were hit hardest by the feature and that their revenues were dependent entirely on fundraising. The largest number of privacy ads. Information from its user's application.

Although Apple is now forcing app developers to display all the personal data that their apps may collect and the reasons for collecting that data at the same time, it does not completely block them, but it hopes that it can be collected all. . Your request passes.

In fact, many users may be surprised by the amount of data collected by some of the most popular applications on their phones, as applications like Gmail explain that they collect a lot of data including: geolocation, search history, contacts, and the figure below shows a lot of things:

With this in mind, you need to change some of your practices regarding the use of this app. Any app that you see can violate your privacy or collect data that you consider highly sensitive.

For the Gmail app, here are some things you can do right away:

  •     Turn off smart app features like smart typing and fast email response.
  •     Do not use your Google account to log into applications or websites. Otherwise, instead of your primary email address, you can create another email address that you can log into.
  •     Set your Google activity (including search history and history of videos viewed on YouTube) to be deleted automatically.
  •     Turn off location service on your phone when you don't need it.

This is just a starting point. If you haven't enjoyed some of the more popular app practices found in the app privacy section of the app store, you should look into other measures. It is associated with the apps that you download and use regularly on your phone.

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