Yahoo Plus is a subscription platform that brings the Yahoo brands together
Yahoo Plus is a subscription platform that brings the Yahoo brands together

Telecom giant Verizon hopes to expand the Yahoo brand to all consumer websites with a batch of new subscription offers about Yahoo Plus.

Nearly 3 million people at Verizon Media Group, the media arm of Verizon, pay for their subscriptions through the Yahoo branded product group (such as Yahoo Fantasy, Yahoo Finance, etc.).

The new initiative aims to rebrand most media franchises to Yahoo products and focus on selling subscriptions for these products through the renamed Yahoo Plus subscription wallet.

“Yahoo is the future of consumer-focused brands,” said Joanna Lambert, Consumer Director at Verizon Media Group.

"Over time, we shift the non-Yahoo brands and focus them on Yahoo!"

In addition to the Makers women's brand, the company also rebranded RYOT Media Studio to Yahoo Ryot Lab and became a Yahoo maker.

However, other media channels such as TechCrunch, AutoBlog, and Engadget will not be renamed or renamed.

These niche brands have now been added to Yahoo related categories, integrating MAKERS of Yahoo with Yahoo Life, Autoblog from Yahoo Autos, Yahoo News and Engadget, and TechCrunch from Yahoo Finance.

As part of the Yahoo Plus family of products, Yahoo offers a variety of subscriptions, including:

  •     Yahoo Fantasy Plus: a business research and analysis tool for fantasy games.
  •     Yahoo Finance Plus: Offers levels for retail investors (Plus Lite) and large traders (Plus Essentials).
  •     Yahoo Mail Plus: Ad-free email messages and personalization features.
  •     Yahoo Plus Protect: Hardware protection and technical support program in partnership with hardware insurer Asurion.
  •     ExtraCrunch: TechCrunch's member community invoices users to access investor surveys, market research, expert interviews, etc.

The company is also experimenting with Tastemakers, which allows users to access premium branding features from Yahoo subscriptions for free, such as: b. On investor reports.

The idea behind the Tastemakers program is to attract more people to subscribe to Yahoo products.

Currently, all Yahoo branded products are offered as separate subscriptions and the company may consider integrating them in the future.

With each additional subscription users purchase from Yahoo Plus, they get even greater discounts for other subscribers, allowing consumers to mix and match subscriptions for a highly personalized subscription experience.

Verizon reportedly acquired Yahoo for $ 4.48 billion in 2017. The aim of the deal was to provide Verizon with a massive amount of data to sell targeted ads for the entire brand, including AOL, which was acquired for $ 4.4 billion in 2015.

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