Crew Dragon gets a glass dome for space viewing
Crew Dragon gets a glass dome for space viewing

This year, the "Crew Dragon" capsule, which is supposed to send four civil aviation astronauts into space, is being updated. A glass dome has been installed on top, through which tourists can see the universe in a 360-degree angle.

The plan for SpaceX's glass dome has been announced, and the team that carried out the Inspiration4 Tour mission has announced the crew of the upcoming flight.

The glass dome replaces the docking adapter in the Crew Dragon, as the capsule will not stick to the International Space Station.

The glass dome resembles the iconic dome of the International Space Station, but the "Crew Dragon" appears to be a complete pane of glass without a supporting structure to separate the windows.

Once the aircraft is in orbit safely, the aerodynamic protective cover can be opened to protect the door area to reveal the glass dome.

According to a SpaceX launch on Twitter, the dome can accommodate at least one crew member to have panoramic views of the space.

The Crew Dragon was developed under a $ 2.6 billion contract from NASA's Commercial Crew Program to promote the development of the purpose-built space capsules that will be NASA's first spaceflight. NASA.

Boeing is developing a rival Starliner capsule under the same plan.

"Crew by Dragon" is ready to go. Last year, the first two members of the government astronaut crew flew into space.

NASA agreed to qualify the Crew Dragon astronaut flight last year. NASA has stated that it does not intend to use the Crew Dragon Dome on NASA astronaut missions and that installing the windows does not require NASA security clearance.

An agency spokesperson said: NASA currently has no plans to fly an updated version of the Crew Dragon, and as a fully commercial launch, NASA does not need to approve SpaceX's design for the company's specific mission.

He added: NASA continues to track the SpaceX system through our normal activities, including sharing flight data from non-NASA missions.

Inspiration4 is a non-profit mission led by Shift4 Payments CEO and tech billionaire entrepreneur (Jared Isaacman), and is scheduled to launch on September 15th.

As part of the mission, Isakman and three non-professional astronauts will be sent into orbit for a three-day free flight.

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