Discord offers real-time voice chat
Discord offers real-time voice chat

Discord is the latest company to clone the clubhouse with a new feature called Stage Channels which lets you stream audio conversations in real time to a group of virtual listeners.

This feature allows you to stream audio conversations in real time without worrying about how people talk to each other and other problems caused by traditional audio channels.

There are so-called stage organizers who make sure everything is running smoothly, and can mute a person or even cut them off during a conversation.

As a presenter, you can select when you want to speak, and the presenter will take you to the audio queue and return to the audience after joining the meeting.

Currently, theater channels are only available to community servers. Unlike servers that you can set up for parties and chats for you and your friends, community servers have special requirements.

Discord said: The community should post clear rules that members must follow, but even with these guidelines, stage channels can be used widely.

Clubhouse is only available on iOS. Although the Android version is under development, you must be invited to join the platform in order to use the app.

Conversely, Discord can be used on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and across the web, so the Scene Channel feature is widely used.

And unlike Facebook or Twitter, this feature seems very suitable for Discord. Discord is a place for voice chatting over a voice channel through which anyone can speak freely.

The wide availability of this feature makes Discord the first to offer an easy way to host or listen to social language spaces on most platforms.

The Twitter Spaces function can be used on both Android and iOS platforms. However, currently only some users can create audio rooms. The company plans to allow anyone to host Space from April.

Since the start of the pandemic, people and organizations have come together to host events such as book clubs and concerts.

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