French police warn of international lego gang
French police warn of international lego gang

French police said they have taken legal action against an international gang of thieves specializing in stealing lego pieces.

French police have warned specialty stores, and even parents should be aware of the global trade in LEGO parts.

In June, police arrested three people for stealing Lego boxes from a toy store in Evelyn, outside Paris.

During interrogation, the Polish suspect confessed to being part of a team specializing in stealing the Lego blocks wanted by collectors.

An investigator told the "Parisian": The Lego community is not only made up of children, there are a lot of adults playing, but also the concessions and sales online. Some of us complain about our homes being destroyed and LEGO blocks stolen. who are they.

The arrested group was first reported in France in November 2019 and then again in February 2020.

The official said: They came to France, lived in a hotel in the Paris region, then searched the toy store and returned to Poland to sell what they had.

Lego expert, Gerben van IJken, said sales on French sites have doubled in the past year, and he recommends using online auction platforms to buy and sell collectibles.

He added: Investing in these areas is not new, but with the epidemic, this specialized market has reached new heights. For health reasons, people enjoy more time at home and playing with children. The market has grown and we often have over 1000 of them. Lego toys are sold out every week.

Additionally, Lego games can still get a bargain because it is a high-quality game that attracts a lot of adults and the company withdrew its holdings about two years after its launch. Hence there is no way to evade the presence of used goods. Market.

In the past eight years, this phenomenon has exploded and people have become aware that they can make money by reselling Lego blocks and games online.

Van Ecken borrowed the Cafe Corner chain from Lego, and it was priced at 150 euros when it launched in 2007 and last year was 2,500 euros in original packaging.

Reports from the United States, Canada and Australia indicate that Lego theft is not limited to France but is a global business, and there have been numerous reports of thefts over the past five years.

In 2012, a Florida man stole $ 2 million worth of Lego games. In 2005, San Diego Police arrested a group of women who had Lego toys worth 200,000 euros.

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