Mawaqit Net offers prayer times with Ramadan 2021
Mawaqit Net offers prayer times with Ramadan 2021

With the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan 1442 AD, seasonal search terms swept a record number of visitors from different countries around the world.

As usual, these questions relate to prayer times and times on the first day of Ramadan, when to fast in that year, and other matters related to worship and obedience, and understanding the permanence of Ramadan in 2021.

Thus, the competition between websites and apps provides visitors with a system to track prayer and fasting times from the start of Ramadan until the end of Ramadan, further including tools specifically designed for the needs of visitors from all countries. The jet lag with another country allows a person to control the obedience he wants to approach. In this blessed month, I pray to God according to the calendar for his region. Today we remember to make everything easier for you.
The services can be found on the Moatnet website

According to the times of the earth prayer and the language of the call to prayer:

The site can track prayer times in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries / regions according to the time of each country / region, and the visitor can set the time of his geographical area on the "My Times" page to be able to follow it. Based on the time of his prayers at his home.

    Ramadan calendar

Through the Imadak Ramadan 2021 service, users can obtain a Ramadan calendar that includes the prayer times of the month, save the page in the device favorites, and return to the page every day to check the hour. Starting time and daily breakfast time.

    Qibla direction in all cities:

When you go to the Madinah prayer times page, you can go to the Qibla direction page for that city in Makkah, so that the compass appears after entering the side that has a red arrow pointing from the city in the right direction of the qibla. The city you choose.

    Add prayer time to your website:

A free service for website owners that allows them to add prayer times tools to any city in the world. In addition to displaying the website design color, you can also customize the look of the widget based on the correct color of the website. Design. Local time and remaining time can trigger the next call to prayer in minutes and seconds.

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