Mobvoi announces the launch of the TicWatch GTH Smartwatch
Mobvoi announces the launch of the TicWatch GTH Smartwatch

Mobvoi has started selling its TicWatch GTH smartwatch, a wearable fitness machine for $ 79.99 with the skin temperature and blood oxygen sensors typically found in more expensive smartwatches.

In the past, Mobvoi has usually focused on Wear OS devices to provide various wearable OS options. However, TicWatch GTH is more of a competitor to Fitbit devices.

TicWatch GTH features an Apple Watch-like square case and a 1.55-inch transparent screen.

Mobvoi said: TicWatch GTH's 260mAh battery can last more than a week on a single charge, depending on usage, and the watch can also be water resistant up to 5 ATM or 50 meters.

However, it was noted on Mobvoi that TicWatch GTH cannot currently be used in the bathroom.

As for the sensors, TicWatch GTH contains the usual fitness trackers like accelerometers, gyroscopes, and heart rate monitors, as well as SpO2 sensors and skin temperature sensors to measure the oxygen content in the body. the blood.

However, actual use of skin temperature data will vary. Fitbit Sense uses a skin temperature sensor as an indicator of fatigue and fatigue.

At the launch of the smartwatch, Mobvoi did not specify the purpose of the skin temperature sensor.

Smart watches usually have oxygen sensors in the blood, but the wrist is not the best place to measure saturation. Therefore, these smart watches should not be considered medical devices.

Knowing the amount of oxygen in the blood seems to be helpful for serious exercise, but not for other things.

While these features aren't necessarily helpful, it's worth noting that TicWatch includes a SpO2 and a skin temperature sensor, and it's only $ 79.99.

TicWatch GTH is around $ 399 less than the Apple Watch Series 6 and Fitbit Sense at $ 299.95, although these watches have a lot in common.

This watch has various functions such as: B. Stress management, sleep tracking, automatic workout detection, audio playback control and basic message notifications.

TicWatch GTH can be purchased from Mobvoi or Amazon for $ 79.99.

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