M.Vision X and M.Vision POP .. Hyundai concept vehicles
M.Vision X and M.Vision POP .. Hyundai concept vehicles

Hyundai Mobis launched the new M. Vision X and M. Vision POP concept vehicles, which reflect the popular driving style in the post-coronavirus period.

M. Vision X is a four-seat navigation system that provides a personalized experience based on a unique interpretation of the interior. The X in Vision X means extending the connection, connecting experiences and visiting new spaces.

Since car windows can be converted into virtual wall screens, 360 degree windows for all transparent cars can be used as screens to watch sporting events or shows.

You can also customize the M Vision X's multi-screen display on the car's windows.

Some passengers can use the screen as a transparent window and enjoy the outside views, while other passengers can use the screen as a screen to watch movies and also change the interior seat in the car according to their own needs. Bidirectional.

A 28-inch screen is located on each of the four sides of the compact center cockpit. The compact mid-cockpit uses gesture recognition to communicate with unconnected passengers.

Therefore, passengers can control all driving related functions, such as B. Automatic driving mode, AI speakers and infotainment information.

Once the occupants leave the car, there is also a sterilization function in which the vehicle is automatically sterilized with ultraviolet light.

M. Vision POP is an extremely compact travel concept based on electric vehicles developed with the Hyundai Tech Joy logo and aims to delight users by incorporating the latest in Mobis technology.

M. Vision POP trademark is what is called PHOBILITY, which is the collective term for phone and mobility, i.e. smart phone mobility. It is a new mobility technology that introduces the concept of smartphones that control steering wheel steering. .

The smartphone in the steering wheel itself becomes the car's cockpit with an interface between the smartphone's navigation screen and the front screen of the car.

User recognition or voice recognition functions can also be used, and smartphone sensors can also be used for wireless navigation in the vehicle.

However, the main feature of this vehicle is the electronic angle device that allows each of the four wheels to rotate 180 degrees sideways, allowing the car to move left, right and even 360 degrees at once.

In fact, Hyundai Mobis hopes to explore how mobile technology has been incorporated into the changes people have made as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and it is one of the first carmakers to demonstrate this look.

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