Google is testing FLoC ... it can replace external cookies
Google is testing FLoC ... it can replace external cookies

Google Inc. Development experience for FLoC technology, which can replace third-party cookies.

FLoC believes that Google can replace third-party cookies that collect data based on the behavior of Internet user groups in order to create relevant online advertisements instead of tracking personal browsing history.

Marshall Phil, Product Manager at Google wrote: With FLoC, browsers can identify groups that match your current browsing history and combine them with thousands of other people with similar browsing history.

He added: The group identifier is the only piece of information that is provided upon requesting a site and it differs from the external cookie that allows companies to track you separately across different sites.

A small number of users in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the United States can benefit from this experience.

Anyone who has blocked third-party cookies in the current version of Chrome will not be able to access the pre-test.

This is part of Google's plan to remove third-party cookies in the Chrome browser and stop selling ads due to individual network activity.

Ad sales are the basis of Goja's empire and the subject of many antitrust lawsuits against the company.

Earlier this month, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton updated the lawsuit against Google in several states to resolve the new FLoC system, arguing that the system had failed to resolve the antitrust case that was the focus of the complaint.

A total of 15 countries participated in this particular process and the Ministry of Justice can also influence this issue.

UK regulators are also investigating Google's new tracking system over concerns about increased data concentration and ad revenue in Google vault.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority said: In a recent study, it found that Google could undermine the revenue generating capabilities of publishers and undermine competition in digital advertising, thus enhancing its market power.

Google said in mid-March: We are working with the industry through a "Privacy Shield" to provide support for external cookie alternatives to protect privacy. External cookies support free and open internet. As mentioned earlier, we will not use the following method to replace external cookies: Track people on the web.

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