be quiet! BG040 Silent Base 802 White Mid-Tower ATX
be quiet! BG040 Silent Base 802 White Mid-Tower ATX

Quiet! Silent Base 802 white, central ATX tower, 3-blade pure blade with 2 pre-installed fans, soundproof

Replaceable top cover

The first of the two top covers completely covers the Silent Base 802 White design and ensures quiet operation. For anyone looking for a powerful cooling effect (especially when using a water cooling system), the ultra-permeable top cover is the right choice.

Interchangeable front panel

The front airflow panel provides the best performance for complex settings with high requirements at low temperatures. The standard front panel is ideal for quiet systems and regular computer settings. Both panels are included.

Three pre-installed pure wings 2

Regardless of whether you choose an enhanced high airflow or an optimized quiet setting, three Pure Wings 2,140mm fans with optimized airflow fan blades ensure optimum airflow and powerful cooling effect.

Great silencer

The front and sides are equipped with an ultra-thick 10mm wet pad, which provides maximum stability and great noise reduction options. Separate power supply arcs, motherboard compartments, and hard drive cages can also reduce vibration. The all-metal body provides stability and enhances the feel of the chassis.

Smart I / O port

Provide the USB 3.2 Gen. 2 The front I / O connector Type C allows the latest equipment to be used. With the built-in 4-speed fan control unit, you can manually adjust the speed of 6 fans or connect to a single PWM signal.

Multifunctional motherboard compartment

The motherboard tray has been removed and can be installed upside down on the left side panel. It can also be transported to be used as a test stand.

Functional protection of the power supply unit

The power supply cover covers the cable and the power supply has a dual hard drive mount. The cover can be removed separately to install a 140mm fan on top. With separate small cover, 360mm or 420mm file can be mounted in front. With the power supply holder, the power supply can be easily installed from the back.

be quiet! BG040 Silent Base 802 White Mid-Tower ATX
be quiet! BG040 Silent Base 802 White Mid-Tower ATX

  •  Replaceable top cover and front plate for maximum airflow or quiet operation
  • Triple blade fan, pure 2140mm
  • The extra thicker heat insulation pad can better reduce noise
  • The most advanced I / O card with fan control and USB 3.2Gen. 2 type C.
  • The separate motherboard bay can be repositioned upside down
  • The removable top bracket makes it easy to install the radiator and fan
  • The maximum coolant can be up to 420mm

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