Binken Weatherproof 6ft Flat Plug 3 Outlet Power Strip
Binken Weatherproof 6ft Flat Plug 3 Outlet Power Strip

Binken outdoor power board, weatherproof power plate, 6 feet flat plug and 3 sockets, with anti-shock function and 1500 Joules overload protection, suitable for home, garden, garden, in the kitchen, in the living room

Special features of the Binken external power supply board:

Anti-static shock: safe and shockproof electrical design. If a child puts metal in an electrical outlet, it will not cause an electric shock because it will not work until it is plugged into a standard electrical outlet, and it is an effective way to reduce children's risk of electric shock.

Splash-proof: The waterproof design is protected by international patents, which means that short circuits, electric shock and other safety accidents caused by splashing water or light rain can be effectively prevented. The splash proof control panel can effectively prevent most of the accidents related to hydraulic performance. It can be used in kitchens, hospitals, lawns, cruise lines, and even when traveling and camping

Shockproof performance: The use of high-quality ABS and advanced internal mounting technology can withstand the drop and bumps effectively. After testing, it was dropped 20 times from a height of less than 5 meters, no internal parts were lost, and the outer casing was not torn. Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

Binken Weatherproof 6ft Flat Plug 3 Outlet Power Strip
Binken Weatherproof 6ft Flat Plug 3 Outlet Power Strip

  •  [Outdoor waterproof design]: The world's first outdoor waterproof distribution board. This invention is protected by the International Intellectual Property Organization and US Patents. It can effectively prevent short circuits or safety accidents caused by splashing water / light rain. Very suitable for outdoor occasions like kitchen / bathroom / garden.
  • [Overload Protection]: The overvoltage protection with overload protection can prevent the fluctuations and fluctuations. The smart circuit with built-in voltage sensor can detect and meet the power demand of the device, and the safety function can ensure the protection of the device. 1500 joules. Extremely long and sturdy extension cable. It uses flame retardant PC case, and large copper wire can achieve 100% heat dissipation.
  • [Flat Socket Design and Safety Door]: The exterior panel adopts flat socket design. If the metal or child's finger touches the power supply board directly, the power supply board cannot be opened. Since only standard US plugs can function, they are effective in preventing the risk of electric shock to children and the elderly. Note: Safety door design requires more force when connector is inserted and removed! ! !
  • [Safety Certification]: The 1875W / 15A waterproof power supply board has been approved by Intertek ETL and FCC. It has anti-shock, anti-splash, anti-arc, anti-drop, anti-lightning, anti-surge, long life, over-current protection, flame protection and high-performance leakage-proof functions.
  • [100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE]: We are sure you will love the weatherproof and shockproof outdoor power strip. We offer a 1-year warranty / new replacement service and a 100% no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee! (Please note that the plug is more tight than normal power strips and needs to be inserted with more force to ensure a good waterproof function. We have improved this compared to other similar products.)

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